Participation of Sydir Golubovich in Political Trials of Galicia, Early 20th Century

: pp. 37 - 42
L'viv Polytechnic National University

The lawyer’s activity of S. Golubovich at the beginning of the twentieth century is discussed in this article. His role in the famous contemporary trials of political nature was revealed, which reflected the sharpening contradictions between ukrainians and poles of eastern Galicia in the specified period. The speeches of counsel were analyzed when considering political affairs by Myroslav Sìchinskyj (1908), chernyhivskih peasants (1908) and students of the Lviv University (1911).

It is indicaded that the Law Office of S. Golubovich was an important center of national political life of Ukrainians of Ternopil. The case of the political character showed an oratory talent lawyer in expression of thoughts regarding the complicated Polish-Ukrainian relations, the historical enslavement of Ukrainians, Poles, etc. Pretty compelling speech of

S. Golubovich on the process in the case of Myroslava Sìchynskogo, on 12 April 1908, who killed the Imperial Governor of Galicia count Andrzej Potocki. Performing a legal protection of M. Sìchinskyj, S. Holubovych claimed to commit an atent it prompted several reasons. In particular, support schemes during the elections to the Diet for the benefit of the Poles, the orders of the Austrian gendarms shoot in Ukrainian voters, the covering up of the abuse of the Polish authorities on the ground, the support of moskow motion etc. By the attorney has been proven that the defendant had no intention to commit deliberate murder, this act was only an attempt, in this way, to draw the attention of the world community to the difficult situation, which has been for the last period in the province.

Considerable attention is focused on the analysis of the affairs of the chernyhivkyh peasants and ukrainian students of Lviv University. These trials once again stressed the inadequacy of the system of Austrian legislation and were aimed at protecting the interests of only a predominant in Galicia at the time of the Polish Crown. The main culprits of the conflicts involved the investigation only as witnesses, and the whole responsibility for the committed offence relied on the affected villagers, or students. It is that thanks to the qualified work of Ukrainian lawyers who were at the same time representatives of the Ukrainians in the Viennese Parliament and the Galician Diet, significant social and political resonance managed to claim for revision of the affairs and to mitigate the sentences of the Tribunal.

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