About carrying out and processing of GPS-observations in Transcarpathia

Uzhhorod National University, SO «Zakarpatgeodezcentre»
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The field observations on 13 points of a State geodetic network (planned and high-altitude) in the Zakarpatye area are executed. For an estimation of accuracy at processing base lines seven criteria were chosen, and at an adjustment - three. For the further observations in networks of a high class are necessary reconnoitring works, after which it will be possible to define suitability of points by criterion of an openness небосклона. It is offered to carry out 12- hour observations - time equally to period of rotation of the GPS, that will enable to exclude some mistakes. It is necessary to note, that the software package Trimble Geomatics Office with use precise IGS- ephemeris and NGS-tables of shifts of the phase centres of aerials is completely suitable for processing observations in networks of a high class.

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