Research value errors increase (scale) digital SEM images obtained in the SEM-106 I (Sumy, Ukraine) using a special test object

: pp. 82 - 88
Received: April 25, 2014
Accepted: March 24, 2014
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of building рroduction

Purpose. It is known that digital images microsurface solids obtained by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of various types, as characterized by considerable scale and geometric distortion. Therefore, their establishment and accounting is an extremely important task, especially when creating a variety of microdevices with modern nanotechnology. This is a guarantee of reliability, accuracy and efficiency. Methodology. To establish and research actual values of the main parameters of the metric SEM-106I – value of its magnification (scale) special test objects (holographic grating test with permissions r = 1425 lines/mm and r = 3530 lines/mm)were used. Their digital SEM images were obtained on SEM-106I in 1000h magnification range of up to 30000h. Processing (measurement) of the digital SEM images was performed using a special module “Test-Measuring” of software complex “Dimicros”. Results. Obtained actual values of magnification of SEM images of test objects showed that their deviations from the value established on the SEM are: along the x-axis of image – from about + 2% (for Mx from 1000h to 5000h) to– 1 % (for Mx from 8000h to 30000h), and along the y-axis of image – from + 1% (for Mx from 1000h to 5000h ) to– 4 % (for Mx from 8000h to 30000h). Measurement accuracy is approximately Mх ± 0,5%. Thus the distortion of scales of SEM images obtained on SEM-106I of domestic production are relatively minor. However, when highprecision studies of quantitative parameters of solid microsurface it has to be considered. Scientific novelty. This kind of research of SEM-106I was performed for the first time in Ukraine. The proposed technological scheme of research and using copyrighted software demonstrated its effectiveness and feasibility. The practical significance. Applying this technology to establish the actual values of magnification (scale) of digital SEM images of solid microsurface allows establish with high precision quantitative their spatial parameters, and hence improve the reliability and efficiency of devices, mechanisms, materials, etc made therefrom.

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