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Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Department “Information and measurement technologies” of Lviv Polytechnic National University raises the training of masters and specialists in metrology and measuring technology to the higher level with support of “IFM Еlectronic” that is world-wide company in development and production of smart sensors and automation elements. For today, the products manufactured by it, include more than eight thousand items: contactless inductive position and approximation sensors; magnetic cylinder sensors; capacitive approximation and level sensors; sensors of flow of liquids and gases; electronic temperature sensors; objects recognition sensors; contactless optical sensors (including standard optical approximation sensors, optical sensors with fiber optics, contrast labeled sensors, laser rangefinders); corner encoders (angular displacement sensors); pressure sensors (with ceramic membrane for food production and general industry); sensors for a production cycle safety; level sensors; diagnostic systems (vibration sensors for control and prevention of wearing); sensors and accessories As-is; radio identification RFID; power supplies; and also accessories and connectors.

Particularly noteworthy is the special software IO-Link that is developed by company. This software is intended for work with full spectra of sensors. It allows not only program measurement ranges, resolution, precision, and so on, but also visualizes the results of measurements and sends them for further processing.

For today,nine laboratory works on the basis of IFM Electronic sensors have been created at the department “Information and measurement technologies”. The first laboratory work is intended for analysis and study of the principles of operation and measuring flow rates using smart sensors such as SA5000, SV4204, SM6000, and SI5000. The second laboratory workenvisages abilities of inclinometer JN2200. … The ninth laboratory model allows measure the speed and frequency of engine rotation by RUP500 sensor.