Дослідження життєвого циклу безпровідної сенсорної мережі кластерної структури, побудованої за триколірним евристичним алгоритмом

Наведено алгоритм побудови сенсорної мережі кластерної структури на основі триколірної евристики. Описано програмний продукт, який реалізує вказаний алгоритм та дає змогу досліджувати сенсорні мережі цього класу. Наведено результати досліджень життєвого циклу сенсорної мережі при виході з ладу сенсорів у результаті їх відмови.

Research of the parameters of the modern climate control system in office premises

Measuring and controlling the temperature of the environment in the room is one of the most important measurements that a person makes every day. Temperature measurements are used to control objects where it is important to constantly maintain a certain temperature regime, or where sharp temperature changes can affect the efficiency of the final result of the operation of this object. Remote control of these indicators will allow the management to quickly intervene in the work of the enterprise to eliminate problems that may lead to a loss of the object's productivity.


Physiological rehabilitation is applied in medical practice to restore a person's functional ability after musculoskeletal
injuries. Movements in the joints are the main functional indicator of the activity of the organs of support and movement.
The paper considers a resistive goniometric sensor in the form of a ball joint. Based on such a sensor, a medical rehabilitation
goniometric system is developed. It includes also a data collection device (autonomous data recorder) and a portable modem.

Informational measuring system with wireless data transferring for sensors of physical values

At the stage of designing, the prototype of a multifunctional computer-aided informational measuring system with wireless data transferring with the use of various sensors of physical values was developed, and experimental investigations of such a system for revealing the possibilities of correct work with the sensors industrially produced, as well as sensors and converters of physical quantities developed at the Laboratory of sensor electronics of the Department of Semiconductor Electronics of Lviv Polytechnic National University as a part of a curre


Conductivity measurement is a universal method of process control. Measurement is fast and straightforward, and most modern sensors only require little maintenance. The measured conductivity value is applied to obtain different assumptions about what happens in the substance, so such measurements are relevant when controlling technological processes and products in various industries (e.g., food, pharmaceutical). The main metrological characteristics of sensors for measuring conductivity LDL100, LDL200 are analyzed in the article.

Local web-server of telemetric system with MODBUS interaction sensors

With the development of microprocessor components and, accordingly, a significant expansion of the use of computer technologies, remote measurement techniques are being developed. These include telemetry and remote control of technical systems or their components in industry, research, home appliances and other fields. In this paper, the author suggests how to build a local web-server based on a microcontroller with an ARM Cortex-M4 core, which can be interacted with via an http-browser with Internet access.

Weather station for monitoring the microclimate in the room on Arduino platform

In this project was shown approaches to the implementation of a weather station for monitoring the microclimate in the room on Arduino platform. Considered a platform for project development and software environment. The virtual scheme of the weather station is modeled. The main functions of the components are described and their connection to the microcontroller is shown. The process of firmware of the microcontroller is considered. The algorithm of system operation is described. A functional electrical diagram were also constructed.

Computer System for Converting Gestures to Text and Audio Messages

Today, there are quite a large number of deaf- mute and hard-of-hearing people which communicate using gestures. Therefore, it is simply necessary to provide them with modern means of communication with the surrounding world. This paper creates a holistic computer system architecture for converting gestures into text and audio messages. The principles of construction and basic design solutions of a computer system based on a modern element base with increased productivity and minimization of hardware costs and energy consumption have been developed.

Calibration of the Ultrasonic Sensor-Range Finder by the Laser Interferometer

The accuracy characteristics of the ultrasonic range finder are studied in the work. The latter has been calibrated by a laser interferometer. The problems that arise are described. The calibration method was implemented with the help of a measuring installation, along the rail of which an ultrasonic sensor - range finder and a laser interferometer were fixed.


Portable System for Sampling Liquid Atmospheric Precipitation

The paper considers the possibility of determining the permanent and random sources of pollution of the environment by the level of pollution of liquid atmospheric precipitation. The problems of liquid atmospheric precipitation testing and monitoring of pollution concentration during precipitation are outlined. The expediency of developing of a portable system that allows collecting samples of liquid atmospheric precipitation in autonomous modes at different time intervals and periods of rainfall, regardless of the place of its installation, is substantiated.