Kovar Tube as a Potential Catalyst for Conversion of Tar Produced from Biomass Gasification

: pp. 454 - 460
Chemical Engineering Department, Mutah University
School of Environmental and Life Science, Okayama University
National Institute of Technology, Toyota College
Chemical Systems Engineering, Nagoya University

A pre-oxidized Kovar tube was employed as a reforming catalyst for the conversion of naphthalene. Under dry reforming condition, 24.7 % naphthalene conversion could be achieved, whereas 36.6 and 42.3 % naphthalene conversion could be achieved when steam was added to the producer gas at the volume ratio of 0.06 and 0.11, respectively. Increasing the reforming tempe- rature to 1173 K enhanced the catalytic removal of naphthalene to 91.5 %. The activation energy and fre- quency factor values were found to be 136 kJ/mol and 3.07×107 cm3×cm-2×min-1, respectively.

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