Research of the Process of Liquid Phase Selective Oxidation of 4-Aminotoluene with Ozone

: pp. 341-345
Volodymyr Dahl East-Ukrainian National University
Volodymyr Dahl East-Ukrainian National University

According to the results of studying of kinetic relationships and mechanism of the process of catalytic oxidation of 4-aminotoluene with ozone in the liquid phase, the basis of the technology of 4-aminobenzyl alcohol and 4-aminobenzaldehyde have been developed. It has been shown that under the ozonation conditions in the solution of acetic anhydride in the presence of sulfuric acid, manganese(II) acetate or its mixture with potassium bromide it is possible to stop oxidation at the stage of forming 4-aminobenzyl alcohol or aldehyde. The technological parameters of the process have been studied and the optimal conditions of the technological process have been set.

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