TPU/Mica Composites Prepared in Torque Rheometer: Processability, Mechanical Properties and Morphology


Viviane Escocio, Volker Altstadt, Leila Visconte, Mariana de Carvalho and Regina Nunes

This work is concerned with the preparation of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) composites with mica, and their characterization as for processability, mechanical and thermal properties and morphology behavior. The amount of added mica varied from 0 to 20 phr and the results showed few interactions between mica and the polymer matrix. Processability is facilitated by the increasing amount of mica but TPU upon strain crystallizability, as well as Tg, decrease with the increase in mica content. The main interest in using mica is the evaluation of a low cost mineral as a reinforcing material for the engineering polymer TPU.

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