Усунення динамічних часткових спотворень для відтворення зображень на основі інтегрально-диференціального підходу

Запропоновано метод реконструкції зображення, частково спотвореного рухом. Характер спотворення – змаз фону з неспотвореним переднім планом. Для реконструкції використовуються алгоритми автоматизованого пошуку спотвореної ділянки, диференціювання та інтегрування зображення, математичної морфології та деконволюції.

Reconstructive method for images, distorted by partial motion blur with unblurred inclusions, is proposed. It involves the algorithms of automated blur detection, images differentiation and integration, mathematical morphology and deblurring.


Morphological content is a fundamental concept denoting the formal and essential aspects of objects in the realm of morphology. Such a concept encourages a multifaceted analysis and understanding of the form and structure capable of embracing elements in the surrounding world. In the context of urban planning, morphological content serves as a crucial tool for analyzing and interpreting the formal expression of a city and its structural elements.

Software System for End-Products Accounting in Bakery Production Lines Based on Distributed Video Streams Analysis

Among the main requirements of modern surveillance systems are stability in the face of negative influences and intellectualization. The purpose of intellectualization is that the surveillance system should perform not only the main functions such as monitoring and stream recording but also have to provide effective stream processing. The requirement for this processing is that the system operation has to be automated, and the operator's influence should be minimal. Modern intelligent surveillance systems require the development of grouping methods.

Surface structure and assessment of dust productivity of the cometary nucleus C/2017 K2 (PANSTARRS)

C/2017 K2 (PANSTARRS) is a dynamically new hyperbolic comet that has exhibited activity at an extremely large heliocentric distance of 23.75 au.  Observations of comet C/2017 K2 were performed at Mayaki observational station of the Astronomical Observatory of Odesa I. I.


The main stages of the formation of morphology as scientific teaching are highlighted and characterized, the fundamental aspects of the concept of "form" are formulated, the features of the formation of morphology as an independent scientific direction are generalized, the categorical analogue of "morphological" in urban planning is traced, and the place of morphology in the teachings of form in urban planning is determined.

Cadmium electrochemical reduction in CdCl2 solutions in dimethylsulfoxide and morphology of cathode deposit

Cadmium reduction in solutions at steady-state and pulse electrolysis has been studied. It was established that polarization results in cadmium formation at potentials 1 V larger than equilibrium one. In 0.25-1.0 molar solutions of CdCl2 concentrated depolarization leads to removement of the beginning of cadmium reduction by 0.3 V. Photographs of SEM are presented and effect of electrolysis characteristics on the morphology of cathode deposit is shown.

Morphology of a dispersed tellurium electrochemical deposition in aprotic solvents

The electrolysis of TeCl4 solutions in dimethylsulfoxide, dimethylformamide and acetonitrile using soluble tellurium anodes has been investigated. At 313 K in 0.05 M TeCl4 over graphic undercoat the formation of compact tellurium deposit took place at cathode potentials less than 1.0 V and formation of dispersed deposit – at values more than 1.25-1.5 V. Using results of SEM researches it was established that dispersed tellurium formed

TPU/Mica Composites Prepared in Torque Rheometer: Processability, Mechanical Properties and Morphology

This work is concerned with the preparation of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) composites with mica, and their characterization as for processability, mechanical and thermal properties and morphology behavior. The amount of added mica varied from 0 to 20 phr and the results showed few interactions between mica and the polymer matrix. Processability is facilitated by the increasing amount of mica but TPU upon strain crystallizability, as well as Tg, decrease with the increase in mica content.

Morphology of Zinc Deposited via Cementation over Magnesium Rotary Disc in ZnCl2+NH4Cl Aqueous Solutions

Zinc cementation by magnesium from ZnCl2+NH4Cl aqueous solutions has been investigated. The amount of magnesium has been established as 0.8–2.0 g per 1 g of conditioned zinc to obtain recovery degree  99 %. At low concentrations of Zn2+ ions (0.025–0.1 M ZnCl2) dispersed deposit is formed with nanoparticles of reduced metal; at high concentrations (0.25–0.5 M) coarse-crystalline and fern-shaped deposit is formed.