Synthesis and Colloidal Properties of Polyesters Based on Glutamic Acids and Glycols of Different Nature

Sergiy Varvarenko, Ihor Tarnavchyk, Andriy Voronov, Nataliia Fihurka,, Iryna Dron, Nataliia Nosova, Roman Taras, Volodymyr Samaryk and Stanislav Voronov

The paper describes synthesis and colloidal properties of novel α-amino acid based polyesters with controllable hydrophilic-lipophillic balance. Polyesters based on glutamic acid and glycols of different nature were obtained via low-temperature activated polyesterification. Such polymers are able to form micellar structures in self-stabilized water dispersion. Peculiarities of Steglich rection in the case of polyesterefication and side processes were established and optimal conditions for polyester synthesis were determined.

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