surface tension

Сhecking the possibilities of the classic technology of chemical metalization of polymer granules

The possibility of obtaining metallized granules of high-tonnage polymers using classical metallization technology was studied. It is shown that this technology is not effective during the metallization of polyethylene and polypropylene. Certain positive points during metallization were achieved only in the case of polyvinyl chloride granules.

Effect of surface tension on the antiplane deformation of bimaterial with a thin interface microinclusion

Within the framework of the concept of micromechanics, a method for taking into account the effect of surface energy for a thin interface micro-inclusion in the bimaterial under conditions of longitudinal shear has been proposed. The possibility of non-ideal contact between inclusion and matrix is provided, in particular, tension contact. This significantly extends the scope of applicability of the results. A generalized model of a thin inclusion with arbitrary elastic mechanical properties was built.


Oxidation of cyclohexane is one of few organic synthesis processes industrially made in Ukraine. Oxidation of cyclohexane is characterized by relatively low conversion of hydrocarbon (4-5%) and selectivity for aim products – cyclohexanole and cyclohexanone (around 78%). Analysis of literature data shows that the most perspective way of increasing of selectivity for aim products in cyclohexane oxidation is use of catalytic systems based on industrial catalysts and organic modifiers of different nature.


The article deals with the following methods of protection of personnel from thermal radiation during fire, such as the use of heat-shielding suits, heat-reflective screens and water curtains. The tactical and technical characteristics of trunks and nozzles used to protect heat rescue firefighters from the thermal radiation are given. It is shown that the most effective method for protection against heat flux is the creation of a drip-water protective curtain.

Дослідження емульсійної коолігомеризації ненасичених вуглеводнів фракції с9 в різних дисперсійних середовищах

The investigated influence  of surface tension on the process of emulsion cooligomerization. The synthesis of cooligomers by emulsion cooligomerization of hydrocarbon fraction C9 of liquid products of pyrolysis. The major features of the cooligomerization process of  mixture of unsaturated hydrocarbons of fraction C9 have been investigated and optimum conditions have been selected.

Обгрунтування складу водних технологічних мастильно-охолоджувальних рідин на основі поліакриламіду

Визначено критичну концентрацію міцелоутворення для водних розчинів
 поліакриламіду (ПАА) та промислового продукту Сульфороканол L270/1A (70% мас.

Міжмолекулярні взаємодії поліакриламіду та лауретсульфату натрію у водних розчинах

Досліджено міжмолекулярні взаємодії у водних розчинах поліакриламіду (ПАА) та
лауретсульфату натрію (ЛСН), як аніонної поверхнево-активної речовини (ПАР). На
основі вимірювання поверхневого натягу на межі “повітря-розчин”, електропровідності
та густини сумішей ПАА та ПАР підтверджено утворення асоціатів ПАР з
макромолекулами ПАА. За ізотермою поверхневого натягу визначено величину
критичної концентрації міцелоутворення ПАР, яка знаходиться в межах цієї величини
для аналогічних систем, які є відомими з літератури. Запропоновано узагальнюючу

Some Relations between Density and Viscosity of Liquid, Saturation Vapor Pressure and Surface Tension

Kinetic scheme of formation of molecule fluctuations in gas and liquid phases is proposed. Distribution of molecule number in molecule fluctuations on the number of molecule fluctuations in the unit volume of the system is calculated. Correlation equations for surface tension, liquid viscosity and molecule number in molecule fluctuations in gas and liquid phases as well as correlation equation between saturation vapour pressure, liquid density and temperature are proposed.

Synthesis and Colloidal Properties of Polyesters Based on Glutamic Acids and Glycols of Different Nature

The paper describes synthesis and colloidal properties of novel α-amino acid based polyesters with controllable hydrophilic-lipophillic balance. Polyesters based on glutamic acid and glycols of different nature were obtained via low-temperature activated polyesterification. Such polymers are able to form micellar structures in self-stabilized water dispersion. Peculiarities of Steglich rection in the case of polyesterefication and side processes were established and optimal conditions for polyester synthesis were determined.

Synhtesis of Novel Surface Active Methacrylate Monomers Based on ε-Caprolactone

The interaction of ε-caprolactone with methacrylic acid has resulted in formation of 6-methacryloylhexanoate which was subsequently converted into the corresponding chloroanhydride via the reaction with phosphorus trichloride. The reaction of chloroanhydride with poly(ethylene glycol) or poly(ethylene glycol) monomethyl ether yielded the corresponding surface active methacrylate monomers. During interaction of the hydroxyl group of poly(ethylene glycol) containing the monomer with the excess of phosphoryl chloride phosphate-containing monomer was synthesized.