On acquiring and transmission of primary geophysical data in automated data systems

: pp. 286 - 288
Received: August 01, 2013
Carpathian Branch of Subbotin Institute of Geophysics of the NAS of Ukraine

Purpose. The aim is to select the optimal system configuration of data collection at the lowest level of the hierarchy.  Transmission of the primary geophysical data in cellular networks 2.5G is considered as well. Мethodology. It includes a detailed complex analysis of the possible  system configuration and its optimization based on the criteria of minimum cost and work for a long time without maintenance. Results. A constructed automated device  to acquire at the lowest level and to transmit the information to the final consumer  is presented as well. It is aimed  for use both in continious geophysical monitoring of geological objects and during occasional  field surveys. The apparatus may be used both standalone and as part of the GIS. Developing the device, special attention was paid to ensure minimum power consumption, high precision time synchronization and reliability of information delivery to the addressee. It has been tested in different conditions for a long time to identify possible ‘bottlenecks’. Author’s model has been ensuring stable data transmission to the mail server using the protocol SMTP for last six months . The firmware to implement  ftp protocol has been worked out still. Additionally was developed a special service application that allows  to set modes, display timing,  evaluate the level of input signals, read the value of system variables and data blocks. Originality. The optimal structure of  system to asquire and transfer the geophysical information at the lowest level of the hierarchy was developed. A device that implements this structure was created. Practical significance. The using of the device to capture the data for GIS  allows accelerate deployment considerably and reduce the cost of their construction and operation.

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