geographic information system (GIS)

Огляд сучасного стану інформаційного забезпечення функціонування туристичної галузі

This paper is devoted to the overview of current state information support of the functioning for the tourism industry. A structuring of information technologies carried out, identified unresolved problems and proposed solutions.

On acquiring and transmission of primary geophysical data in automated data systems

Purpose. The aim is to select the optimal system configuration of data collection at the lowest level of the hierarchy.  Transmission of the primary geophysical data in cellular networks 2.5G is considered as well. Мethodology. It includes a detailed complex analysis of the possible  system configuration and its optimization based on the criteria of minimum cost and work for a long time without maintenance. Results. A constructed automated device  to acquire at the lowest level and to transmit the information to the final consumer  is presented as well.

GIS technologies in the analysis of wind energy development projects in the Precarpathian region

Purpose. Among the investment projects related to economic development in the region, special attention is drawn to projects that involve a significant amount of land allocation, valuable because of their ecological status, high recreational resources and other circumstances. Exactly to these types of projects wind power development programs relate. The actual problem is the evaluation of the quality of wind parks design, taking into account the existing landscape and climatic conditions. Methods.

Update of topographic maps of Iraq, scale of 1: 50 000 using satellite image – IKONOS

The aim is to find accurate, fast and economical way to update maps with information obtained by remote sensing data. There were all the necessary research to update the maps of the study area city of Kerbala (Iraq) scale 1: 50,000, which was last upgraded in 1984. Method. Updating map was carried out in three stages. The first stage – the digital processing of satellite images and maps using GIS professional ArcGIS9. After combining the coordinate system of satellite images and maps was performed controlled classification.