administrative law

Administrative and legal nature of information security

The article considers issues related to the administrative and legal nature of information security of the population of Ukraine and its provision in the economic crisis, reducing social protection, increasing external threats from other countries and waging an information war against Ukraine by individual countries. It should be noted that the measures taken by the Ukrainian authorities to protect the state, its territorial integrity and the security of the country's population are timely.

The role and importance of the principles of law in the formation of modern administrative law

The article examines the role and importance of the basic principles of law in the formation of administrative law. It is noted that the most important task of the modern stage of the development of administrative law is the legal provision of the functioning of public authorities, their bodies and employees, as well as forms and methods of activity on the principles of the rule of law.

Legal protection of professional training of state civil servants of Ukraine

The article reveals the theoretical and practical aspects of administrative law, which regulate the problems related to vocational training of civil servants of Ukraine. The stages of civil service reform and relevant training of civil servants have been analyzed. It is proved that vocational training of civil servants is one of the important directions in the system of staffing  of public administration by highly effective and competent personnel. That professional training is the basis for increasing the efficiency of the state apparatus in Ukraine.

On the prohibitions and restrictions in the administrative law

The article deals with the issues regarding the knowledge and observance of the requirements of prohibitions and restrictions, fixed by the rules of administrative law, that is relevant and interesting for both scientists and practitioners.Administrative prohibitions and restrictions are often identified with the administrative coercive measures,which does not correlate with the purpose and objectives of prohibitions and restrictions.Attention is drawn to the role and significance of legality when implementing administrative prohibitions and restrictions.

Legal form as a category of administrative law` science

The main results of the study of the legal form as a category of the science of administrative law are highlighted in the article, clarified its axiological and ontological significance. The relation between the concept of “legal form” and the concepts such as “legal form of activity”, “legal form of realization of state functions”, “the form of law” are determined. It is stressed that the presence of a legal procedure is a mandatory feature of the legal form.

Novel methods administrative and legal phenomena

The article raises questions of improvement of research methods legal and administrative events, identify the place and role of structural-functional and factor analysis,possibilities of application of methods of applied mathematics. The features of information and statistical tools and methods of system analysis to identify trends in social phenomena that are governed by administrative law.