n-Hexane Isomerization Over Nickel-Containing Mordenite Zeolite

Nickel-containing mordenite samples were synthesized by impregnation from aqua's solution of nickel nitrate. Porous and catalytic characteristics of the catalysts were studied by means of low temperature nitrogen adsorption/desorption and micropulse n-hexane isomerisation. The maximum isomer yields are 10-12 wt % for 1-5 wt % Ni content at 523–573 K.

Legal determination of behavior:historical-theoretical measurement

The  features  of  the  concept  of  behavior  essential  content  of  which  is  at  the  present  stage 
of  transformation  of  society  is  revealed  through  the  following  categories  and  concepts  like 
«man»,  «society»,  «activity»,  «public»  and  «industrial  relations»,  «social  life»,  «personality» 
etc.  The  behavior  is  considered  as  a  set  of  successive  works  or  system  of  human  action  as 
practical,  real  or  realized  the  effect  that,  first,  there  is  a  kind  of  behavior,  meaningful  set  of 

Ukrainian construction with verbal forms in -no, -to against the background of the neighboring Slavic languages

The article deals with the appearance of impersonal constructions with verbal forms in -no-to and the comparison of their usage in the four Slavic languages: Polish, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian.

Active and passive constructions in Ukrainian professional texts

The article deals with typical three-term and two-term syntactic constructions in professional texts, their transformational relationship and semantic differences. The activeness/ passiveness criterion of a syntactic construction is formulated. It is common of three-term and two-term syntactic constructions and is based on the syntactic function of the object. On the basis of this criterion the activeness of constructions with forms ending in -но, -то and the direct object is proved.

Peculiarities of Activity Renovation of Zeolite Catalysts Coked in Hexane Cracking

The initial activity of acid zeolites in n-hexane cracking and influence of their regeneration depth on residual activity using the method of discrete-consecutive coke micro oxidation have been investigated. It was found that oxidation by 5-10 pulses of oxygen properly reflects the activity of catalysts based on faujasite and pentasil, while for mordenite which has increased susceptibility to blocking of channels by coke, such quantity of oxygen is not enough.

Determination of conduct definitions: theoretical and legal aspects

The features of the concept of behavior essential content of which is at the present stage of transformation of society is revealed through the following categories and concepts like “man”, “society”, “activity”, “public” and “industrial relations”, “social life”, “personality” etc. The behavior is considered as a set of successive works or system of human action as practical, real or realized the effect that, first, there is a kind of behavior, meaningful set of works.