Why People Believe All Kinds of Nonsense? Review of : Levy, N. (2022). Bad Beliefs: Why They Happen to Good People. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 188 p.

       The author of the review analyzes the N. Levy’s book. N. Levy considers reasons of beliefs, and conspiracy theories. He has established why contemporary people agree with unreliable ideas. The main conclusion about N. Levy’s book that the improvement of beliefs should focus on the epistemic environment, not on how well people should think.

Meaning and Other Problems of the Semantics of Ordinary Language (Foreword to the Ukrainian Translation of H.P. Grice’s Article “Meaning”)

The foreword to the very first Ukrainian translation of H. P. Grice’s article “Meaning” deals with the personality of the famous British-American philosopher, a representative of analytical philosophy, and the importance of his work in the field of semantics and ordinary language philosophy. Translators of this article focus on the features and subtleties of translation into Ukrainian.

Change of the paradigm of philosophy as a basis of determination in theory of evidence

The article is devoted to the study of the history of the formation of the theory of
reasoning in the context of the changes in philosophical knowledge in the second half of the
twentieth century. The main directions of the theory that have had the greatest influence on
the formation of the theory of argumentation, in particular, the neorortex of H. Perelman and
S. Tulmin, the pragma-dialectics of Ehmeren and Grootendorst, are analyzed. Characterized
by the main problems posed by the theory of reasoning: the interaction of the speaker and the

Аxiological nature of law: epistemological approach

It was established that the right has all predicates values, first it is value, and consequently hierarchical, orderly, subordinated social system, function is the preservation, restoration and maintenance of the balance of social life. Secondly, since the right's value is inherently entity focused on the implementation of the above functions, it is some system “be appropriate”, and thus the system of mandatory, semantic (related content) oriented ideal entities – the norms of social and communication people.