Аxiological nature of law: epistemological approach

: pp. 67-72

C. Habakovs'ka «Axiological nature of law:epistemological approach» http://science.lpnu.ua/law/all-volumes-and-issues/volume-1-number-865-14...

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

It was established that the right has all predicates values, first it is value, and consequently hierarchical, orderly, subordinated social system, function is the preservation, restoration and maintenance of the balance of social life. Secondly, since the right's value is inherently entity focused on the implementation of the above functions, it is some system “be appropriate”, and thus the system of mandatory, semantic (related content) oriented ideal entities – the norms of social and communication people. Thus, the law is “axiological field” total social experience accumulation humanity values its existence, the right each time becomes, first, the appearance of concrete historical value system (laws, regulations, etc.), and secondly, the form of personal behavioral imperatives “proper to do” and, thirdly, the absolute values of total rights as norms “be appropriate”.

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