catalytic oxidation

Role of Supramolecular Strucutres in Mechanisms of Catalytic Oxidation and Action of Ni(Fe)ARD Dioxygenases on Model Systems

The AFM technique was used to research the possibility of the supramolecular structures formation due to H-bonds based on Ni(Fe)(acac)n-systems, that are catalysts of alkylarens oxidations and also models Ni(Fe)ARD dioxygenases: {M(acac)n+L2+L3} triple systems (M=NiII, FeIII , L2 = NMP (NMP = N-methyl-2-pirrolidone), L-histidine, L3 = PhOH, L-tyrosine), n = 2, 3).

Catalytic Oxidation of Cyclohex-2-enol at Porous Iron Zeolite-like Material: Investigations by GC/MS, Polarography and X-ray Powder Diffraction

The polymeric complexes of porous iron phosphates (NH4)4Fe3 II(OH)2F2[H3(PO4)4] (1), (C3H12N2) FeII 6(H2O)4[B4P8O23(OH)8] (2), and {[FeII(H2PO4)2-(μ4,4'-bipy)(H2O)]·H2O·(4,4'-bipy)} (3) were successfully tested towards oxidation of cyclohex-2-enol.