civil servant

Integrity as a component of activities of public officials in the context of the fight against corruption

The article analyzes the content of the principle of integrity in the public service. We emphasize that integrity is one of the tools to prevent corruption and an integral part of the civil service culture.

The legal regulation of integrity rules among public officials is studied. Anti-corruption strategies that serve as a guide for overcoming corruption in the state are analyzed.

Training and formation of public administration in Ukraine: current situation and new vision

The article analyzes the current state of civil service personnel formation. Attention is drawn to the existing problems in this area: the imperfection of competitive procedures and vocational training's inefficiency. The normative-legal basis of the construction of state personnel is investigated. Emphasis is placed on the importance of an individual civil servant program, which forecasts the needs of a civil servant and considers the unique needs of a civil servant.

Ethical standards of activity for officials of public administration bodies: foreign experience and international and legal regulations

The article is devoted to the study of values and ethical standards of activity of civil servants of the Western countries and to clarifying the mechanisms that ensure their compliance.