criminal proceedings

Regarding compliance with national standards for ensuring individual rights to protection in accordance with international standards

The issue of compliance with national standards ensuring an individual’s right to protection in accordance with international standards has been considered. It is noted that one of the primary tasks of modern international law is to ensure international protection of human rights and establish norms regulating relations between states and other subjects of international law. These norms aim to guarantee the rights and freedoms of individuals as provided by international agreements.

Imposition of arrests on property in criminal cases proceedings in Ukraine: problem issues

Annotation. The article deals with the topical issues of applying such a measure of securing criminal proceedings as seizure of property. Particular attention is paid to the legal status of the third party in relation to whose property the issue of seizure is being resolved, problematic issues that arise in the process of seizure of property and when criminal proceedings are closed during the pre-trial investigation and the issue of lifting the seizure of property has not been resolved are analyzed.

Features of remote criminal proceedings under the conditions of the state of martial.

The article is devoted to the study of the peculiarities of remote criminal proceedings caused by the introduction of martial law on the territory of Ukraine. The importance and relevance of the issue of the use of the video conference mode in the criminal process during the war are outlined.

Feautures of inspection of the place of the event in the process of pre-judicial investigation of certain criminal offenses against personal life

The article examines the problematic issues of the criminal process and criminology regarding the organization and inspection of the scene during the investigation of certain types of criminal offenses against a person's life, in particular, serial murders.

On the possibility of conducting certain types of examinations in cases about road accidents before the opening of criminal proceedings

The article examines the possibility of conducting some types of expert examinations in cases of road accidents before the opening of criminal proceedings, discusses the debatable issues related to the violation of the personal interests of the participants at the stage of opening criminal proceedings and the unjustified delay in making a decision to open criminal proceedings or to refuse them.

Legal provisions regarding involvement in private life in criminal procedural law

The Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine distinguishes between investigative (investigative) and covert investigative (investigative) actions. It is to covert investigative actions - interference in private communication. Communication is the transmission of information in any form from one person to another directly or through any means of communication. The article is devoted to the problem of defining the concept, content and extent of interference in private life in criminal procedure law.

Investigative (search) actions: concept, meaning and types

In this article, I have characterized the system and features of investigative (search) actions, as well as the general requirements for their conduct. It was found that investigative (search) actions are the main means of proof, namely, a tool of cognitive activity for the investigation of criminal offenses.

In particular, it was established that the new Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine (CPC) significantly modernized the procedure for carrying out criminal proceedings, introducing a number of new institutions.

Legal status of the jury institute in criminal judicial procedure

The article analyzes the legal status of the jury in the criminal proceedings of Ukraine. It is noted that after gaining independence, the justice system of Ukraine is in fact in a state of constant reform. As a result of the 2016 reform, amendments were made to the Constitution of Ukraine on justice, and a new version of the Law of Ukraine “On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges” was adopted.

On the question of finding the circumstances, what should be established in criminal proceedings regarding minors

The fight against juvenile delinquency is one of the important activities of the pre-trial investigation bodies, the prosecutor’s office and the court, which carry out criminal proceedings. The Criminal Procedure Code obliges the bodies conducting criminal proceedings against juveniles to establish in as much detail as possible the circumstances concerning the characteristics of the juvenile’s personality and the circumstances aimed at identifying the causes and conditions that contributed to his commission of a criminal offense.