cyber security

Ensurance of artificial intelligence systems cyber security: analysis of vulnerabilities, attacks and countermeasures

In recent years, many companies have begun to integrate artificial intelligence systems (AIS) into their infrastructures. AIS is used in sensitive areas of society, such as the judicial system, critical infrastructure, video surveillance, and others. This determines the need for a reliable assessment and guaranteed provision of cyber security of AIS. The study analyzed the state of affairs regarding the cyber security of these systems. Possible types of attacks are classified and the main ones are considered in detail.

Is a Dialogue between Philosophy and the Educational Technologies Possible? (Based on the Results of Webinars by Experts of the “SoftServe” Company, 2022)

      Based on analysis of the Tech Summer for Teachers Bootcamp webinars for the educational community organized by the IT Company SoftServe, attention is focused on their interdisciplinary approach, in particular in the teaching of philosophical disciplines. Special attention was paid to the anthropological component in the field of information technologies, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and virtual communication.