data protection

Basic structure of the neurofuzzy control system for a group of mobile robotic platforms

It is shown that the following approaches can be used for group management of mobile robotic platforms (MRP): centralized (concentrated), decentralized (distributed) and hybrid. It was determined that an urgent task is the development of a neurofuzzy management system for the MRP group, which must perform the distribution of tasks between the MRPs, the determination of MRP movement routes, joint planning of works and their synchronization.

The basic architecture of mobile robotic platform with intelligent motion control system and data transmission protection

The requirements for a mobile robotic platform (MRP) with an intelligent traffic control system and data transmission protection are determined. Main requirements are the reduction of dimensions, energy consumption, and cost; remote and intelligent autonomous traffic control; real-time cryptographic data protection; preservation of working capacity in the conditions of action of external factors; adaptation to customer requirements; ability to perform tasks independently in conditions of uncertainty of the external environment.

Biometric Data Based Method of Adaptive User Authentication in Computer Networks

According to the analysis of peculiarities of data protection in computer networks the necessity of usage of biometric data in user authentication services is founded. Adaptive method of user authentication in multilevel data protection system of computer network based on biometric data of fingerprints is introduced.