drug addiction

Modeling and mathematical analysis of drug addiction with the study of the effect of psychological and biological treatment

In this article, we propose a discrete mathematical model which describes the propagation of the drug phenomenon in a human population.  The population is unscrewed in five compartments: "$S$" People likely to become drug addicts, "$M$" Moderate drug addicts, "$H$" Heavy drug addicts, "$T$" People receiving drug addiction treatment, "$R$" The recovered people who have completely abstained from drug addiction.  Our goal is to find a better strategy to reduce the number of heavy addicts and to maximize the number of people receiving full treatment.  The tools of optimal c

Prevention as a drug addiction activity

Problematic issues of drug addiction are considered. It is emphasized that drug addiction is one of the highest priority problems of our time due to its medical and social consequences. The health consequences of drug use are a growing concern around the world. It is noted that the spread of illicit drug use is becoming a large-scale antisocial phenomenon, which leads to the destruction of physical and moral health of the nation, its gene pool, law and order, intellectual and economic potential of our country.

Analysis of the current legislationaimed at comba ting illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues or precursors

The problem of drug addiction is a global one for society, since the essential sign is more socioeconomic than medical and legal, requiring the fight not with drug addicts, but with drug addiction as a phenomenon.

Children’s medical and social rehabilitation centers as subjects of drug addiction prevention

The author of the article analyzes the activities of children’s medical and social rehabilitation centers and points out main reasons of the growth of drug addiction among minors. In the article attention is focused on the necessity of different types of children’s
medical and social rehabilitation centers creation.