Prevention as a drug addiction activity

: 380-384
Soroka S. Prevention as a drug addiction activity.

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Educatinoal and Rasearch Institute of Law, Psychology and Innovative Education

Problematic issues of drug addiction are considered. It is emphasized that drug addiction is one of the highest priority problems of our time due to its medical and social consequences. The health consequences of drug use are a growing concern around the world. It is noted that the spread of illicit drug use is becoming a large-scale antisocial phenomenon, which leads to the destruction of physical and moral health of the nation, its gene pool, law and order, intellectual and economic potential of our country. Statistics on the illicit use of drugs and the consequences of their use are analyzed worldwide and in Ukraine.

It has been found that the term "addiction" refers to a painful mental condition caused by chronic intoxication due to drug use and characterized by mental or physical dependence on them. To counter the escalation of drug abuse, the community of nations from the early twentieth century. gradually establishes a control mechanism designed to restrict access to drugs that lead to abuse. The international control system was built in stages. Ukraine has also ratified international treaties and adopted national anti-drug legislation adapted to international requirements. In addition, for the first time Ukraine is developing its own strategy to combat drug addiction and drug crime. The subjects of formation and implementation of drug policy include state, executive authorities, public, professional, religious associations, research institutions, charitable foundations, the media, private and other structures.

It is emphasized that drug addiction as a social problem should be solved by people at all levels, and the spread of drug addiction can be resisted only if the problem is approached comprehensively. The main goal of overcoming this problem is to reduce the demand for drugs. Demand will be reduced, supply will be reduced accordingly. To achieve this goal, there must be a broad promotion of a healthy life, a life without drugs. Therefore, disease prevention should be singled out as a priority in the fight against drug addiction. Prevention is a complex system of complex state and public, socio-economic and legal, methodological and sanitary, psychological, pedagogical and psychological measures. In fact, it is a set of measures invested in ensuring a high level of human health, their creative longevity, eliminating various causes of disease, improving working conditions, living and recreation, environmental protection.

It is concluded that the problem of drug addiction is a global problem of our society, a problem more socio-economic than medical. And we should not fight drug addicts, but drug addiction as a phenomenon by reducing the demand for drugs. Reducing drug demand is an encouraging prospect for the nation's recovery.

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