dual education

Dual education in nurse training: international practice and implementation prospects in Ukraine

Problem statement. A lack of professional practicing in the course of studies was identified by nursing students, educators, practitioners and other stakeholders as one of the main challenges in higher and continuous nursing education. Quite often, graduates of nursing colleges, institutes and academies come to work without stable practical skills. After all, nursing curriculum focuses mostly on teaching in a speculative, abstract manner.

Introduction of dual form of education in ukrainian higher education

The article outlines the problems faced by the education system and the labor market. Insufficient level of readiness of graduates of educational institutions to professional activity is emphasized. The legal framework for the introduction of a dual form of education has been analyzed.

Legal regulation of professional pre-higher education in Ukraine

The article analyzes the norms of the law of Ukraine “On Professional pre-higher
Education”. It emphasized the practically oriented nature of this educational level. Legal bases
of functioning of professional pre-higher education are defined. The article also examines the
dual form of education as the most effective form of education.The competence of state and
local self-government bodies in the field of professional pre-higher education concerning
employment and the labor market is outlined.