educational trajectory

Application of the method of multidimensional average in formation of individual educational trajectories of students of IT-specialties

Nowadays, the educational environment and methods of its interaction with people are developing very strongly. Every person has the right and choice to get an education. The article describes such a concept as an individual educational trajectory, its features and problems of introduction into the educational environment. An individualized educational trajectory will allow students to make their own choices among the courses offered, thus choosing their own pathway to reach their potential.

Intellectual system of formation of personal educational trajectories in IT

The existing development of the educational field at the intermediate stage of secondary and higher education is analyzed. The idea of creating a kind of intellectual recommendation system for creation of personal educational trajectories is proposed. Statistically, it is fair to assume that the choice of a future profession depends on different factors, but the basis is always grounded on at least an average level of success in the relevant subject areas.