Intellectual system of formation of personal educational trajectories in IT

: pp. 42 - 50
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Information Systems and Networks
Lviv Politechnik National University, Department of Information Systems and Networks
Lviv Politechnik National University

The existing development of the educational field at the intermediate stage of secondary and higher education is analyzed. The idea of creating a kind of intellectual recommendation system for creation of personal educational trajectories is proposed. Statistically, it is fair to assume that the choice of a future profession depends on different factors, but the basis is always grounded on at least an average level of success in the relevant subject areas. This process is accompanied by thorough analysis of personal preferences, future perspectives and social and communication elements. The proposed system should consider the potential risks and search for the best ways to create an effective learning trajectory. The functioning of the system mostly depends on the Automated Educational Management Information Complex, which will be able to provide it with data for correct completion of the task. Processing such amount of information makes it imperative to include the concept of big data in order to investigate the problem as widely as possible.

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