Application of the method of multidimensional average in formation of individual educational trajectories of students of IT-specialties

: pp. 70 - 77
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Information Systems and Networks Department
Lviv Politechnik National University, Department of Information Systems and Networks

Nowadays, the educational environment and methods of its interaction with people are developing very strongly. Every person has the right and choice to get an education. The article describes such a concept as an individual educational trajectory, its features and problems of introduction into the educational environment. An individualized educational trajectory will allow students to make their own choices among the courses offered, thus choosing their own pathway to reach their potential.

Also, the problem of rational choice of several objects from the set of similar ones is considered. Students choice subjects for their own individual educational trajectory. A multivariate mean method was used to determine the mean multivariate values. This method was also implemented by Excel. An additional grouping of facilities was conducted to determine the best discipline for student evaluation.

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