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State policy of activisation of economic development during war and post-war periods

Formulation of the problem. In the conditions of a full-scale war, economic development transforms into the manual mode of governmental regulation. The state policy of post-war economic development should take into account the priority of the development of those branches of the national economy, which will allow to organize the obtaining of the maximum added value for the least expenditure of resources.

Future Changes in Logistics & Supply Chains: a Competence Dimension

The article notes that the integration of the Ukrainian economy into the EU is partially hampered by purely logistical factors. The positions of Ukraine in the world ranking of the Logistics Performance Index are analyzed. Attention is focused on the component of «logistics competence», which is significantly behind the average European level. The authors suggested that the existing backlog could offset the new generation of potential managers who were the target audience of this study.

Analyzing the economic development dynamics of the national economy of Ukraine

The article presents research results of the current trends in the economic development of the national economy of Ukraine on the basis of statistic and economic analysis, identifies its characteristics in terms of macro- and mezo-levels and determines the factors of development under conditions of post-industrial society, using the R. Solow model of economic growth and the Cobb-Douglas production function.