State policy of activisation of economic development during war and post-war periods

: pp. 14 - 28
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Public Administration, Ukraine

Formulation of the problem. In the conditions of a full-scale war, economic development transforms into the manual mode of governmental regulation. The state policy of post-war economic development should take into account the priority of the development of those branches of the national economy, which will allow to organize the obtaining of the maximum added value for the least expenditure of resources.

Analysis of recent research and publications. Problems of economic development are the subject of research of many scientists and practitioners. The scientific literature highlights the peculiarities and problems of economic development during the war, the study of the continuing migration crisis, the ways of development of economic processes in the post-war times. Research of the problems of the development of economic processes in the war and post-war period is a new, urgent and timely goal.

Separation of previously unsettled parts of the general problem. The generalization of the problems of the functioning of the national economic system in the conditions of the ongoing war and the justification of the priorities of state policy in the post-war period are covered in the scientific literature mainly by specific areas of activity.

Presenting main material. With the start of full-scale invasion, Ukraine lost not only territory, but also production and infrastructure facilities, population, resources, and opportunities for further development. Domestic business suffered significant losses with the start of the war. State policy during this period created conditions for evacuating people, relocating enterprises and assets from the territories of hostilities to safer regions.

During the war, all domestic SMEs faced new problems. The ranking of obstacles to doing business is led by the rise in prices for raw materials, difficulties with the transportation of raw materials or goods through the territory of Ukraine, and a lack of working capital. A large part of businesses lost their customers. In addition, export opportunities have been limited, and long-term logistics relationships (chains) have been destroyed.

The priorities of state policy in wartime are the activities of business structures focused on supporting the army, defense activities, food security, and infrastructure restoration. However, business activity in other areas is also an important source of ensuring employment of the population and filling budgets of various levels, approaching victory.

With the beginning of the war, the population of Ukraine felt a threat to their lives and health, restrictions on free movement, satisfaction of basic needs, etc. Some residents have lost housing, workplaces, sources of income, opportunities to receive services, and psychological balance. Due to the active hostilities in the East and South of Ukraine, due to the loss of housing, security of stay or means of livelihood, we observe active internal and external migration flows. The new post-war economic policy should provide for overcoming the migration crisis. 

In order to restore and develop economic processes, it  is necessary to stimulate entrepreneurial activity in various domains.

Conclusions. Economic development is a component of the state’s national security and the driving force behind victory in modern warfare. Domestic business suffered significant losses. During the war, all domestic enterprises faced new problems, the solution of which requires the formation of a state business protection policy. The migration crisis caused by active hostilities had a negative impact on the consumption and production of goods and services. The new post-war economic policy should provide safe conditions for forced migrants to return to their places  of permanent residence. The priorities of economic development are the safety of citizens, the provision of primary needs for food, shelter, clothing, etc., the availability of jobs and the appropriate level of work clothing. The IT sphere, agricultural production, processing and light industry, the sphere of services and consulting, financial and insurance activities, etc. should become the priority sectors of post-war development.

Important directions of the post-war state policy are the formation of strategies for the recovery and development of economic processes at various levels; creation of favorable conditions for successful business activity; restoration of infrastructure facilities; stabilization of migration processes; implementation of macroeconomic policy etc.

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