Approach to Evaluating the Effectiveness of Managing the Territorial Community Development

Problem setting. The paper specifies the application of benchmarking methods to evaluate the effectiveness of managing the territorial community development. Available open data on the research objects activities have been used, which is especially relevant in conditions of limited funds  and resources for additional research to obtain analytical information.

Effectiveness of Public Administration and Administration: Problems and Directions of Improvement of Evaluation Processes

The semantic and systemic criteria used to establish efficiency in the field of public administra- tion are revealed. The main approaches are summarized and a critical analysis of methods for deter- mining the level of effective and efficient functioning of public administration is conducted.

Ґендерний аспект в професійній діяльності та ґендерна нерівність на ринку праці

Досліджено правове забезпечення ґендерної рівності в професійній діяльності
жінки, на основі статистичних даних проаналізовано склад суддівського корпусу в
Україні і відсоткове представництво жінок в судах, акцентовано на ґендерному розподілі
керівників юридичних осіб та приватних підприємців в Україні. Визначено зміст
поняття «скляна стеля» в професійній діяльності жінки.

Post–secondary and Higher Education of Indigenous Peoples in Canada: Historical, Social, Economic, Cultural, Family–related, and Individual Barriers

The article deals with the issues of post–secondary and higher education of indigenous peoples in Canada. The main objectives are defined as the theoretical analysis of scientific and pedagogical literature highlighting different aspects of the problem under research and identifies of the barriers to obtaining post–secondary and higher education by indigenous peoples. The post–secondary and higher education have been studied by foreign and Ukrainian scientists (Т. Andryushchenko, O. Barabash, N. Bidyuk, B. Burtch, M. Busko, J. Friesen, V. Friesen, S. Honcharenko, V. Kirkness, D. Klyne, O.

Reforming the tax system in the new economic strategy

The article analyzes the current tax system, they do not address the needs of the state and encourage financial loans. A new economic strategy of tax system in which the tax is introduced – State allowance for realization of the final product. Taxes on producers of goods and services liquidated . The calculations confirming the increase in revenue more than doubled NF based economy out of the shadows