employment contract

On some features of labor relations during marital state

On February 24, 2022, a new extremely difficult period for our state began. On the same day, the President of Ukraine signed Decree No. 64/2022 «On the introduction of martial law in Ukraine». People's deputies approved this document with 300 votes. This decision was made in connection with the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and based on the proposal of the National Security and Defense Council and Ukrainian legislation.

About non-class elements in the field of labor relations

In our present, information technologies are developing quite noticeably, which, in turn, opens up a number of opportunities for modern technologies that indicate the formation of non-classic elements in the field of labor relations and affect the spheres of human life. Modern trends in the development of the legal situation of workers in the field of labor show that it is necessary on the one hand to rely on the principles of social justice and equal protection of labor rights in the independent implementation of remote work [1, p. 94].

Features of installation of the presence of labor relations in the legal order

On the basis of systematic analysis of general theoretical and branch studies, it is proposed to consider the legal fact of the existence of labor relations as an act expressed in the form of an employment contract between an employee and the employer or a court decision which has become legally binding, which (action) causes legal consequences within the framework of labor relations, relations with compulsory state social insurance and relations with employee social security.

Оn the issue of employer compliance with legislative requirements in the employment of nationals

On the basis of current legislation of Ukraine the main demands to the employer when hiring employees. Specifically, the formalization of labor relations; justification of the employment; creating certain laws of jobs for the privileged categories of citizens. Special attention is devoted to the analysis of court practice in disputes concerning the finding of staying in employment.