Peculiarities of Higher Educational Establishments Funding Accounting: National and Foreign Experience

The article actualizes issues of funding for efficient scientific, research and development, educational activity during the reform period. The focus on integration of science and education, based on the education quality improvement, requires implementation of new models for the scientific and educational process funding. For the purpose of development of such models, we offer to compare foreign experience of leading educational institutions, represented by the Harvard University, and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Motivational aspects of creating innovative start-ups on the platform of higher educational institutions

The article proves that in Ukraine the conditions are created for the formation of start-ups on the platform of universities. It is proved that all participants of start-ups – companies, firms, universities, teachers, students etc. – have a clear motivation. The recommendations are made on the basis of research for legislative consolidation of some elements motivating the innovation process. The methods are obtained for creating and managing start-ups on the platform of Universities at the present stage of Ukrainian economy development.