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Features of the export of certified dairy products to the European Union countries in the conditions of Russian aggression in Ukraine

The article attempts to investigate the peculiarities of exporting domestically produced dairy products to the European Union countries in the conditions of full-scale invasion and aggression of the occupier of russia. It caused colossal moral and material losses and damages for Ukraine, including for all sectors of the economy and infrastructural sectors of the economy. Among other sectors of the economy, the production of dairy products in the structure of food production suffered significant damage.

The role of a judge in the conciliation procedure of the parties in the administrative judiciary of Ukraine and EU member states

The article analyzes the place and role of the judge in the procedure of conciliation of the parties in the administrative proceedings of Ukraine and the EU Member States. It is established that in Ukraine there is a simple model of the subjective composition of conciliation of the parties in administrative proceedings, which is characterized by certain elements of a relatively complex model of the relevant subject composition (the judge encourages the parties to try to reconcile, but does not provide them with certain options to be considered).

Human right to health protection: features of legal regulation in individual EU states

The article provides a comprehensive analysis of the general theoretical and constitutional-legal foundations of the regulation of the human right to health care in the states of the European Union, in particular, the specifics of its implementation are determined with the aim of possible implementation into the national legislation of Ukraine. It was found that international legal acts, which were developed and adopted within the EU and the Council of Europe, play a special role for the EU states in the field of health care.

European Union Green Energy: Risks and Opportunities for Ukraine (Researh Article)

         The article analyzes the state and motives for the development of green energy in the European Union. The level and pace of improvement in the field of renewable energy in Ukraine has been found out. The critical consequences of Russian aggression for the Ukrainian energy sector have been described. Prospects and risks for Ukraine, shaped by European trends and problems in the field of energy, have been identified. The role of Ukraine’s involvement in the European Green Deal, Horizon 2020, EU4Energy and INOGATE programs has been considered.

Reforms in the field of law, judicial proceedings and justice as a factor in the formation of a political association between Ukraine and the EU

Problem setting. The processes of globalization and international European integration in the modern world set a priority task for Ukraine to implement the provisions of the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The formation of a political association and a deep and comprehensive free trade area between Ukraine and the EU depends on the successful reform in the field of Law, judicial proceedings and Justice of Ukraine in the context of European integration.

The Role of the Customs System in Ensuring EU Competitiveness in Conditions of Sustainable Development

At the present stage, there is a problem of ensuring the sustainable development at all levels. The United Nations has declared 17 Global Goals that must be realized by subjects of mega-, macro-, meso- and microlevels, including customs authorities. In the context of European integration, an important task for Ukraine is to increase competitiveness following the example of successful European states. At the same time, the competitiveness of the country is a multifaceted and multidimensional concept that is influenced by numerous environmental factors.

Analysis of the competitiveness of the EU and its member countries

With the convergence of national markets of individual countries and the revival of globalization processes, international competition is growing not only among producers of goods and services, but also among regions and countries. There are a significant number of approaches to the analysis and improvement of countries’ competitiveness. Given Ukraine’s European integration pass, we consider the EU countries to be a key benchmark for its development.

Current state and prospects of ukrainian european integration

The article examines the current state and prospects of Ukrainian European integration from the point of view of approximation of Ukrainian legislation to the legislation of the European Union, making appropriate changes in the regulatory framework of Ukraine and their implementation. Particular emphasis is placed on determining the specifics of the approximation of Ukrainian legislation in various fields, the problems of defining these processes and the difficulties that arise during their implementation.

European Union's Initiatives in the Struggle against the Propaganda of Terrorism (Research Article)

In the article, the author analyzes the EU initiatives that prevent radicalization, reduce the impact of destructive content, and increase public awareness and the ability to distinguish objective information from fakes and disinformation. The author emphasizes that the EU’s struggle against radicalization, extremism and terrorism is based on four “pillars”: