extraction kinetics


Methods for predicting the kinetics of extraction of the target component from mineral raw materials for direct-flow and counter-current column extractors have been proposed. To analyze the operation of various industrial devices, the extraction processes of which are carried out in the layer, technique based on specific productivity has been proposed.

Mass Transfer in the Solid-Liquid System: Mechanism and Kinetics of the Extraction Process

The mechanism and kinetics of the target components extraction from mineral raw materials (sulfur from sulfur ore by tetrachlorethylene, Al2O3 from bauxite specs by NaOH, copper from ore and malachite by hydrochloric acid), as well as vegetable oils (from amaranth, amaranth hybrid and сamelina by organic solvents) have been studied. Experimental studies to confirm the diffusive nature of the target components extraction from mineral sources have been conducted. Diffusion coefficients for mineral samples have been obtained.

Oil extraction from the sunflower seeds, mechanism and kinetics of the process

The results of the research of extraction of oil from the none-crushed and crushed sunflower seeds of different fractions by the method of extraction are presented. The mechanism of extraction and process kinetics is investigated. It has been shown that the process of extracting oil from sunflower seeds is complex and consists of both intra-diffusion and external-diffusion transfer of oil. It is stated that the process is similar to the extraction of the target components from the seeds of most types of plant raw materials.