The essence and features of financing startup enterprises

The current state of development of Ukraine’s economy requires solving the problems of intensifying entrepreneurial activity, including in the form of startups. The results of the analysis of existing scientific works and practical materials made it possible to clarify the essence of a startup, which should be understood as the process of creating and bringing to the market an innovative product which requires attracting financial resources to promptly solve specific problems under conditions of high uncertainty.

The impact of war on the rules of implementation of public-private partnership in the cultural sector of Ukraine

Formulation of the problem. Public-private partnership is an effective mechanism for providing additional resources for the development of culture, and in Ukraine, this mechanism can help restore destroyed infrastructure objects and ensure a proper level of protection of cultural heritage in the conditions of armed conflict. However, successful implementation of such a partnership requires compliance with certain regulatory, legal, and financial-economic conditions, and the state must be a leading partner in this process.

The role of fundraising in the context of expanding sources of financing for the initiatives of domestic business entities: international experience and peculiarities of implementation in the wartime

During the last eight years, since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, some volunteer organizations that were created to help the Ukrainian army were able not only to expand  their activities, but also to transform into charitable organizations with a defined management structure and areas of activity. In order to ensure the effective functioning of such entities, it is necessary to attract constantly financial resources, in particular, for medium- and long-term planning of their work. Fundraising is one of the ways to accumulate resources, particularly financial.


In the article, the author examines the problems associated with increasing the relevance of television news programs in the context of intense competition between television and such modern media as news feeds, blogs, social networks, YouTube channels, which, due to their technical capabilities, can provide higher operational efficiency. presentation of news content compared to traditional televison news releases.

Organizational, legal and financial basis of logistical support for the activities of internal affairs authorities of Ukraine

The organizational, legal and financial basis of logistical support for the activities of internal affairs authorities in the context of national security of Ukraine is analysed as well as their role in the regulatory process of necessary technical equipment supply is revealed. The ways to improve legal and financial conditions of logistical support for the activities of internal affairs authorities are identified.

Technology of establishing cooperation between venture investor and innovative enterprise

In the article it is established that today in Ukraine the development of venture investment of innovative enterprises is at an early stage and is characterized by a number of problems. The dynamics of venture capital in Ukraine shows that their number and capitalization have been growing rapidly during the research period 2011-2019, and this growth continued even after the crisis. It is worth noting that venture investments in Ukraine are made in points, in particular they are more concentrated in Kyiv and Lviv. The largest share of venture capital is international capital.

Public Broadcasting in Ukraine: Problems of Functioning of Regional Directorates

Most have been given the name of the area or region broadcasting with the UA: prefix. Each directorate has at least one television and radio channel. Regional public television and radio workers are usually local specialists, journalists who are left behind after the staffing in the process of reforming state regional broadcasters in the NSTU branch. These television and radio companies are subject exclusively to NSTU and are state-owned entities.


The article deals with problems of small and medium-sized businesses development in Ukraine. The social and economic functions of small and medium-sized businesses are outlined. Statistical indicators of small and medium-sized businesses and individuals-entrepreneurs activity is analyzed.