Greek Catholic Church

Formation of Greek Catholic Church Organizational Structure in United States: Parishes as Centers of National and Cultural Life of Ukrainian Emigration (1884–1914)

The study focus is given to the initial stage of formation of Greek Catholic Church in the United States. Certain common features, peculiarities, difficulties and conditions of parishes forming process are analysed. New criteria for morecomplete study are suggested in view of the historiography problem of parishes establishment dating. The statistics, geography, dates and dynamics of main parishes, general amount of churches, priests and parishioners are explored in the paper on the basis of historical sources.

Charitable activity of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky in the field of cultural and artistic heritage

On the basis of analysis of scientific sources in the given article was made an attempt to highlight the life of the metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi, follow his charity and patronage activities in the field of cultural — artistic heritage and emphasize the importance and impact of its work on stimulus spiritual and cultural development of the Ukrainian people.