group composition

Simulation of Change in Density and Viscosity of Crude Oil When Mixing

The deviation of density and viscosity values of oil mixtures from those calculated according to the additivity rule has been examined. Mathematical models have been developed for determining the properties of mixtures with different compositions taking into account the group composition of the source components. Mixtures containing components with a high content of alkanes and a low content of arenes have been found to be characterized by extreme deviations of density towards the maximum and kinematic viscosity towards the minimum.

Rubber Crumb Modified Bitumen Produced from Crude Oils Residuals of Ukrainian Deposits

The main regularities of the modification with a rubber crumb for bitumen produced from the residuals of crude oils of Ukrainian deposits have been studied. The thermal stability of the rubber crumb has been examined using the derivatograpgy. The mechanism of bitumen modification with the rubber crumb at low and high temperatures has been established. The influence of technological factors on the main quality indices of modified bitumen has been studied. The changes in the group composition of the original and modified bitumen were found.

Modification of the Impregnating Pitch by Phenolic Fraction of Coal Tar

The paper presents the investigation results of the organic mass modification of the impregnating pitch of coal tar with low pyrolysis degree. The processes that form the pitch operational properties in the impregnation technology of graphitized electrodes were studied. Specific features of the modifying additive effect on the quality characteristics of the pitch and its group composition were established. Such technological approach makes it possible to intensify the impregnation process of blanks for graphitized electrodes.

Change in properties of m-10dm mineral motor oil after its using in the diesel engine

Physico-chemical properties and group composition of the virgin and used M-10DM motor oil for diesel engines were studied. IR-spectroscopy and derivatography were used for investigation. By means of X-ray fluorescence the composition of inorganic part was determined. Change in properties and composition of M-10DM before and after using are discussed.