human and civil rights and freedoms

Measures to ensure criminal proceedings: legal analysis

The article considers the system of measures to ensure criminal proceedings under the current Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. A critical analysis of scientific positions on the concept of measures to ensure criminal conduct, as well as their features.

The Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine is a completely new, modern, democratic instrument aimed at implementing judicial reform in Ukraine. The current CPC has consolidated a number of institutions that have significantly changed the criminal procedure legislation of Ukraine.

Crime and globalization: causes and consequences

The article considers the problematic issues of the interaction of globalization processes on the development of world crime. Globalization as a modern global trend has both positive and negative effects on the development of national and international law. One of the most serious negative consequences of globalization is the growth of crime in the world, as well as the emergence of new, more dangerous forms of crime, which is not limited to national borders and becomes transnational in nature.