illegal migration

Administrative legal characteristics internal migration in Ukraine

The article deals with the administrative-legal characteristic of internal migration, in the
context of external and illegal migration, the administrative-legal regulation and peculiarities
of migration processes in Ukraine, through the lens of theoretical analysis of the components of
migration processes. The issues of implementation of certain provisions of the Constitution of
Ukraine, laws of Ukraine, by-laws and regulations on subjective and objective factors affecting

Immediate connection of persons by the state border of Ukraine as a factor of non-legal migration: peculiarities of investigating criminal proceedings in the process of implementation of criminal transfer

The article is devoted to the issue of investigating the illegal transfer of persons across the
state border in the course of criminal prosecution. Based on the research of the scientific
positions of certain scholars-processualists on the peculiarities of investigating the illegal
transfer of persons across the state border, the author concluded that the illegal transfer of
persons across the state border of Ukraine is one of the factors that significantly affect the

Relevance of illegal migration processes and international terroristic activity

The article is devoted to the disclosure of the phenomenon of illegal migration, which, in its turn, is an extremely favorable environment for international terroristic activities. It is in the environment of illegal migrants that terrorist organizations look for direct perpetrators of terrorist acts, spread criminal ideas of revenge, hatred of “prosperous” countries and their citizens.

Impulsive causes of migration in modern conditions

The article explores migration processes, arising in modern transitive society and differently influencing the development of both donor states and recipient states. Present-day impulsive causes of migration are considered in the article. Peculiarities of contemporary migration processes, taking place in Ukraine, in the context of European integration are studied.

Тhe border control and its meaning in the counteraction to illegal migration

The article analyzes the legal regulation of border control. The features of this kind of state control established on the basis of statistical data and comparison with the provisions of the Schengen law. The measures are aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of border control identified in the system of counteraction to illegal migration.