integration processes

Legal standards as an international legal category: theoretical foundations

The article reveals trends in the development of legal standards as an international legal category, defines the content of these standards and their classification. It has been found that the standard in the legal context, first of all it should be found out: whether the standard is a separate legal category that enshrines rights, freedoms and obligations; or a standard is a legal category that determines the starting point for the development of norms, but at the same time does not give rise to clear rights, freedoms and obligations.

National legislation and international legal standards: problems of the interaction mechanism

The article reveals the problems of the interaction mechanism of national legislation and international legal standards through a historical prism in the context of modern realities. It has been found that the modern legal doctrine of Ukraine in matters of interaction of the national legal system and the system of national legislation with the system of international law recognizes only the partial primacy of international law, which is limited by the Constitution of Ukraine.

Higher education in Ukraine: legal aspects of their functioning

The article clarifies that the legal mechanism of the system of regulation of higher
education is a set of international legal acts, obligations of Ukraine, the Constitution of
Ukraine, laws of Ukraine, by-laws and individual acts of application, intended to regulate legal
relations between the subjects of educational activities in the process of influencing the
education sector. It is determined that the peculiarities of the organizational and legal
mechanism of state regulation of higher education transformation are independent

Legal integration of Ukraine in the plan of globalization discussion

The integration processes taking place in the modern world lead to the development of the
national systemof legislation. Exploring the origin and evolution of Ukrainian legislation, it should
be noted that this process is long and characterized by specific stages of development and the
formation of our state. Introduce the integration processes in the country, first of all, it is necessary
to be guided by the fact that each legal system of a certain state, which is stipulated by the system

National-legal harmonization of the institute of justice in the system of integration processes

The article deals with the problem of the national-legal harmonization of the institute of
justice in the system of integration processes and to determine the ways of bringing the
national legislation on the institute of justice in accordance with international standards. The
fundamental harmonization of the Ukrainian legislation on the institution of justice with
international standards directly depends on the stages of their implementation. We propose to
distinguish the following stages of harmonization processes in the field of the judiciary and the

Paradigm of higher education in conditions of integration challenges

The article examines the influence of integration processes on the development of the system of higher education in Ukraine, examines the concept of integration in higher education, defines the content of the concept of the integration environment in the process of training future specialists.

Integration into European and world structures countries of east central Europe: prospects for Ukraine

The “velvet revolution” in Central and Eastern Europe and geopolitical changes on the European continent in the late ХХ century contributed to the formation of a new system of foreign policy priorities of the States in the region. The main task was to integrate into the European Union.