international humanitarian law

Efficiency of the rules of warfare and norms of international humanitarian law: analysis of modern doctrine

The article analyzes the current scientific positions of experts in the field of international law regarding the effectiveness of the norms of international humanitarian law during an armed conflict.

International tribunals ad hoc: historical and legal retrospective

The article deals with the problem of international institutional legal means to implement international humanitarian law. Special attention is devoted to the operation of international tribunals ad hoc. Dedicated attention to the mechanism of creation and functioning of the  International Tribunal for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Serious Violations of  International Humanitarian Law committed in the former Yugoslavia since 1991.

Formation of public policy in the military legal relations

Annotation. The article examines the theoretical and legal aspects of the formation of state policy in the sphere of military relations. Attention is focused on the present regulation of the armed conflict. Points to the need to update the legal regulation of domestic and international relations in the field of operations.

Overall analysis of legal regulation hostilities: international and domestic law

The article analyses the issues regarding the necessity to improve the normative framework of regulaiting war relations. It conducts an analysis of the international and national legislations on military law, and the general principles of warfare. The article provides a detailed examination of the main international legal acts that are governing military relations and the lives of civilians during armed conflicts. The work focuses on the issues which require updates of the legislative regulation regarding the needs of time and technological progress.