judicial proceedings

Family mediation as a mode of dispute resolution in family legal relations

The article analyzes the place of the institution of family mediation in the settlement of family legal relations in general, and family disputes in particular, substantiates the importance and effectiveness of introducing this institution into the legal system of Ukraine as an alternative to the court.

Reforms in the field of law, judicial proceedings and justice as a factor in the formation of a political association between Ukraine and the EU

Problem setting. The processes of globalization and international European integration in the modern world set a priority task for Ukraine to implement the provisions of the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The formation of a political association and a deep and comprehensive free trade area between Ukraine and the EU depends on the successful reform in the field of Law, judicial proceedings and Justice of Ukraine in the context of European integration.

Sociology of justice as a direction of sociology of law: certain aspects

The article analyzes the multiplicity of approaches to understanding the concept of "justice" from the theoretical and legal, philosophical and legal and sociological and legal points of view. It is noted that justice and the judiciary are not identical categories, as justice is a broader concept than the judiciary and includes the latter. At the same time, the judiciary does not always guarantee a judicial decision. Therefore, the concepts of justice and justice are not identical, because not every court decision is fair.

Тhe transformation of judicial system on Ukrainian territories being a part of the grand duchy Lithuanian

In the article the court system of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was viewed; characteristic features of its transformation were pointed out. The general features of functioning and the order of court procedures were analyzed. Special attention is paid to the court’s powers at different stages of its activity; the competences of particular court branches were structured.