judicial reform

The judicial system of Ukraine: constitutional analysis of reforms

This article examines the constitutional aspects of Ukraine's judicial system, as well as the effectiveness and prospects of the reforms being implemented by the state. The main achievements and challenges faced by the Ukrainian judicial system are analyzed. The main achievements include the establishment of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, the High Anti-Corruption Court, and the improvement of the procedures for the nomination and appointment of judges.

Legal status of the jury institute in criminal judicial procedure

The article analyzes the legal status of the jury in the criminal proceedings of Ukraine. It is noted that after gaining independence, the justice system of Ukraine is in fact in a state of constant reform. As a result of the 2016 reform, amendments were made to the Constitution of Ukraine on justice, and a new version of the Law of Ukraine “On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges” was adopted.

Professionalization of judges as a basis for democratization of the judicial system of Ukraine: organizational and legal measures

The article, based on the analysis of scientific works, current regulations and law enforcement practice, provides a comprehensive philosophical and legal study of modeling the process of professionalization of judges in the context of the modern process of reforming the state and legal sphere, identifying parts that provoke professionalization of judges. options for influencing it.

Тhe transformation of judicial system on Ukrainian territories being a part of the grand duchy Lithuanian

In the article the court system of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was viewed; characteristic features of its transformation were pointed out. The general features of functioning and the order of court procedures were analyzed. Special attention is paid to the court’s powers at different stages of its activity; the competences of particular court branches were structured.