Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”

Activities of institutions of higher spiritual education in Ukraine: administrative and legal guarantees

The article analyzes the administrative and legal guarantees of higher spiritual education in the context of modern educational legislation of Ukraine. Given the insufficient level of scientific and legal study of the topic and innovative processes in the Ukrainian educational environment, our article fills the gaps in the study of this issue to some extent. Despite the declared norms in the educational legislation, administrative and legal guarantees of the activity of higher spiritual education institutions as religious organizations continue to be formed.

Higher education in Ukraine: legal aspects of their functioning

The article clarifies that the legal mechanism of the system of regulation of higher
education is a set of international legal acts, obligations of Ukraine, the Constitution of
Ukraine, laws of Ukraine, by-laws and individual acts of application, intended to regulate legal
relations between the subjects of educational activities in the process of influencing the
education sector. It is determined that the peculiarities of the organizational and legal
mechanism of state regulation of higher education transformation are independent

Paradigm of higher education in conditions of integration challenges

The article examines the influence of integration processes on the development of the system of higher education in Ukraine, examines the concept of integration in higher education, defines the content of the concept of the integration environment in the process of training future specialists.