legal consciousness

Legal awareness and the national idea are the basis of a stable state and legal development of society

It was found that the basis of the Ukrainian national idea, among other factors, is the formation of a law-abiding citizen with a legitimate vector of personal development. We see that even during the war, Ukrainians try to control compliance with the rules of law and the law. The active activity of all law enforcement structures to ensure law and order and prevent illegal behavior of citizens shows the society's desire for lawful, civilized development even in the crisis-transitional period of the nation's existence.

Right and legal consciousness : co-operation,interdependence and influence

The philosophical-legal analysis of co-operation, interdependence and influence of right and legalconsciousness is carried out. Investigational, that sense of justice is the companion of right, and that iswhy we can distinguish inherent to them general lines, namely: they belong to the single legal system;execute the normatively envisaged functions; characterized by a certain structure; stipulated by generalsocio-economic, political, ideological, cultural and other factors.

Mental properties of legal consciousness

In the article the theoretical aspects of the content of the legal mentality are analyzed. Particular attention is focused on the question of man’s place in the mentality (anthropology mentality). The attention is paid on the primary human factor – consciousness in conjunction with the subconscious. Particularly relevant for the legal right mentality is mental law, subconscious law and legal consciousness. These all concepts arised from natural and supernatural law and are clarified and specified whether legal anthropology.

Historical-philosophical aspects of legal consciousness formation

This paper deals with the problem of the human I becoming in particular historicalphilosophical and philosophical-juridical aspects. Person’s consciousness formation is analyzed through the prism of constituting our subjectivity by means of learning cultural and spiritual heritage of previous epochs. The role and the place of innovative principles is shown in structuring psychical reality of a human being. The attempt is made to prove indivisibility and mutual dependency of principles of reproductive intellectual and productive creative activities.

Measuring of axiology of legal culture

The article discusses some axiological aspects of legal culture. Particular attention is focused on the concept of legal culture, legal culture ratio with the legal system, the legal reality and law. The main focus is on axiological interpretation of legal culture, the views of scientists, the advantages and disadvantages of valuable dimension of legal culture are examined.

Legal consciousness: theoretical aspects of the concept

The article is dedicated to the study of the content of the notion of consciousness due to modern scientific portfolios.
The author found that scientists have not come to a single common definition of legal consciousness. Consistently the new aspects of legal consciousness appear. Also analysis performed of the mental states of consciousness. In the conclusion the author formulated his own scientific position regarding the notion of legal consciousness, including the position that legal consciousness can be an ideological source of law.

Civil society as a form of expression of the collective consciousness

The article is dedicated to the formation of a collective consciousness through the forms
and mechanisms of civil society. The author highlighted the functions of civil society
institutions, that exercising influence on the formation of legal consciousness of society
including human rights, information and ideology. We come to the conclusion that civil society
acts as the center of the formation of collective consciousness and its source of institutes of
formation of the consciousness of citizens