legal norms

Regulatory and legal regulation of public-private partnership in Ukraine

Statement of the problem. The importance of public-private partnerships requires substantiated regulatory and legal regulation in accordance with the need for high-quality and full cooperation between the state and private business with the highest effect. Therefore, the study of the role of legal regulation of public-private partnership in Ukraine is extremely relevant in the new conditions of development of Ukrainian society, given the challenges it is facing today.

Modern theoretical and legal discourse regarding the definition of "law-making"

The article analyzes the doctrinal definitions of "law formation" available in modern scientific discourse and outlines the characteristic features of this phenomenon. Based on the generalization of various approaches to the definition of "law-making", the following characteristics are defined: 1) it is used in various aspects; 2) duration of legal formation; 3) contains both objective and subjective factors; 4) legal norms are formed as a result of law formation. Since law formation is a long process, it can be divided into certain stages.

Limitation of state sovereignty in the conditions of globalization: theoretical and legal aspect

In the article, the author discusses the current state and use of the concept of state sovereignty in international law. The author analyzes the issue of limiting sovereignty from the standpoint of real and recent examples in international practice. The article also attempts to trace the evolution of ideas about state sovereignty and analyzes various theoretical and legal approaches to the signs of sovereignty.

Argumentative practice in legal activity

The article examines the problems of argumentative practice in legal activity. The emphasis is placed on studying the requirements for speakers as subjects of the judicial process. The factors influencing the effectiveness of argumentation are determined, namely: communication skills and abilities, knowledge, ideas, the value system of the speaker, emotional and psychological state, social status and role in society. The influence of these factors on determining the tactics and strategy of argumentation and selection of arguments is indicated.

Formation of russian legal argumentation based on the principles of legal tradition

The article examines the formation of domestic legal argumentation based on the legal tradition. The emphasis is placed on the problem of moving away from the Soviet legal heritage. The main factors that influenced the postponement of the process of formation of legal argumentation in Ukraine are identified. The influence of legal positivism on the formation of its features, the formulation of legal principles is clarified. Positive and negative factors influencing the formation of legal argumentation at the beginning of the existence of an independent Ukrainian state are studied.

Legal regulation of social security of judges in the conditions of Ukraine's european integration: trends of further development

It is noted that today the sphere of social security of judges in Ukraine is characterized by the following areas: 1) adaptation of European standards and experience of foreign countries in the legislation on the judiciary and the status of judges of Ukraine; 2) increase in judges' salaries by cutting social guarantees; 3) reduction of the content and volume of social security of the judiciary; 4) the transition of the state from the predominance of in-kind social security (due primarily to benefits and guarantees) to cash security.

The right of social security as a national law

Ukraine, having become the path of independence and the construction of a lawgoverned
state, directed its activities on the formation of national law. From here, the study of
the problems of the formation and development of such a branch of law as social security is
one of the main tasks of the legal science. This is due to the fact that, through the norms of this
industry, the realization of the most important social rights by a person and a citizen takes
place. In addition, the successful resolution of the tasks of law-making and law-enforcement