legal personality

Ways of improving civil law and procedure in contemporary conditions of legal transformations

The process of changes in legislation is influenced by international global processes, including the unification of legal systems and families, which individuality was previously absolute, the possibility of implementing the legislation of one national legal system into the system of foreign law was not allowed. Therefore, the transformation of social relations directly determines and characterizes both the specifics of the emergence and overcoming of social conflicts, and requires a rethinking of the means of overcoming them.

Аdministrative and legal status of non-governmental organizations in ukraine

The article deals with the peculiarities of administrative and legal status of non- governmental organizations in Ukraine, whichis a set of defined rights and obligations in the field of public administration that is provided by specific rules of administrative law.On the basis of the works of native scholars and legal acts of Ukraine the article points outthe elements of the administrative and legal status of non- governmental organizations.