legal value

The modus of forming the legal culture of youthin the university environment

It is noted that the university education, which forms a modern creative personality, is a future
specialist in globalized economic relations, a member of the newest elite of Ukrainian society and an active
citizen of the rule of law. Therefore, modern university education in Ukraine aims to become a means,
potential and resource for the development and development of the state, both informational and legal.
However, lack of legal awareness of Ukrainian citizenship has often been, and is, a significant cause of

Legal ideology functional purpose: theoretical and legal analysis

The article is devoted to the problems of the functional purpose of legal ideology. This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the main functions of this important social phenomenon. The role of legal ideology in shaping civil society and legal system. It has been found that the functions of legal ideology carry legal effect on social life by legal, moral, and psychological factors. The role of legal ideology in the legislative, economic, social and cultural processes. Revealed its necessity in the process of building an independent, democratic, social state ruled by law.