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Economic assessment of the efficiency of use of human capital by aircraft repair enterprises

The article examines the peculiarities of the economic evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of human capital on the example of the leading aircraft repair enterprises of Ukraine. Indicators for evaluating the economic efficiency of human capital of aircraft repair enterprises are proposed. Calculations of indicators of the effectiveness of the financial provision of human capital, indicators of the economic efficiency of the construction of the structure of human capital, and indicators of the effectiveness of financing the social development of human capital were carried out.

Human capital as a basis for enterprise development

This article reveals the role of human capital in ensuring the effective functioning of the economic system and its intensive development as well as improving the quality of production processes in enterprises. The article studies the need for conducting economic research of complex elements of human resources management and identification of the place and role of a man in conditions of modern production.


The article reveals the research results of the motivation essence in the modern scientific publications. Three major approaches to the interpretation of motivation were outlined: from the point of view of stimulus to activity; from the point of view of personality’s consciousnesses component; form the point of view of dynamic process. There was presented the author’s vision of motivation, which is considered in the context of factors that motivate the human potential for its capitalization. 

Social capital as an important factor of economic development of Ukraine and its regions

The methodical approach to assess the accumulation of social capital on the basis of its three components is proposed: 1) resource component (human capital); 2) environmental component (social, psychological and institutional environment); 3) effectiveness component (the level of welfare). This methodical approach allows to investigate not only its resource component, but also the ability to correct and effective usage of available resources, taking into account the positive effects of synergy and complementarity.

The increasing of HR effectiveness on the basis of the Social Capital development

The article considers increasing the HR management efficiency by way of developing the social capital. The economic category of «a social capital» is analyzed. Peculiarities of the socio-economic factors of forming the social capital in current conditions are determined. The article also presents the general issues for future research in the field of human development.